Attention! Every Kid Deserves Attention and Time From His/Her Parents

Attention! Every Kid Deserves Attention and Time From His/Her Parents

All the parents today were kids earlier, and one thing we loved to have was our parents’ attention. In today’s demanding and fast-track life, it is difficult to give dedicated time and attention to our kids. The most important person in a kids life, the mother, also goes missing, especially if she is a working woman.

Parents’ love, affection, attention and time play a very important role in kids’ growth and development. We do all the things for our kids but we miss out on the most important thing, i.e, spending quality time with them. We will buy all the toys for them, but will not be able to take out time to play with them. So, after knowing the fact that kids are missing out on the most important thing, can we try to do something to give our kids the love, affection and attention they so deserve?

Yes, we can!

We always say we don’t have time, but believe me, if we spend our early mornings with our kids, they will be the happiest people in the world, and even that much attention will be good for them instead of nothing.

Secondly, avoid using toys to play with them, instead use your body. Move your hands, wiggle your fingers, nod your head, make different types of sound, make different expressions on your face, blink your eyes, and cuddle them. Believe it or not, kids love your touch and attention more than the toys, and by doing the activities mentioned above, you give them the most precious thing they need – your attention!

It’s quite a trend to take kids to the mall. Why do we do that? Actually, we, the parents, want to shop and also want to take our kids out. These two tasks are taken care of by visiting the mall. However, kids do not like the escalators, the cold air from the air conditioner, or the brightness from the artificial light. Instead, take them to a garden. They love the greenery, they love to run freely and will enjoy playing with the instruments available in the garden. They will enjoy the real, cool and peaceful breeze, and they will enjoy the real light.

The best part is – you get all this and lots of happiness free of cost, whereas if we visit a gaming section in a mall, we end up spending hundreds of rupees. And again, our kids will be playing with machines and will miss our ATTENTION!

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