8 Ways to Increase Your Child's Interest in Difficult Subjects

8 Ways to Increase Your Child’s Interest in Difficult Subjects

It is not necessary that your child will always be interested in all the subjects in her curriculum. There is always one or a couple of subjects which might seem to be no less than a scary monster for her. Although making your child interested in such a subject which she considers a tough one is pretty hard, it is still possible.

 What are Some Effective Approaches?

1. Let the Subject Be a Part of Her Life

 You must try hard to find a specific way through which you can relate the subject to your child’s daily life. It is one of the most practical and effective ways to let her understand the subject. Further, she will get more invested in the subject that you are explaining. Well, if the subject is Chemistry, try to show them some simple experiments with the basic ingredients in the kitchen. On the other hand, if it is Literature, encourage her to learn from the behaviour of historic characters she can relate to.

 2. Make the Subject Fun

 Some subjects are really boring. They are certainly not fun. And your child would likely not be interested in learning such subjects. Now, to make the same interesting enough, you can try some fun activities. Competitions or games can make the subject engaging and entertaining for her.

 3. Indicate a Relevance to Her Future

 Parents want their children to study well as it’s their pathway to good jobs. You just need to take advantage of this thought and try to relate the subject to any work environment. Just make sure that you are conveying this message to your child that extensive knowledge of this subject can help her become a doctor, engineer, IT developer, writer or dancer.

4. Give Them Your Personal Experience

If you relate the subject that you are teaching to your own life and circumstances, then it can give rise to an altogether amazing experience. Just letting her know about your first experience with that subject when you were a student can prove to be very motivating.

 5. Make the Subject Sound Achievable

 You should never scare your child by saying that it is a very complex subject or she might get into trouble if she doesn’t manage to learn it. Children don’t react normally under pressure and often end up overreacting. Hence, you should always sound motivating to your child and also take such steps that let her feel she is capable enough to grasp a particular topic.

 6. Suggest the Mantra, “Pause, Recall And Reflect’’

 When it comes to tougher subjects, this mantra plays a significant role. After she’s read a page or solved a problem, ask her to close the book and take a pause. It will help her recall all the major underlying ideas and concepts. Never be in a hurry to teach her any particular chapter. Don’t ask her to rush on to the next question before she is clear with the previous one. You must give her the confidence that even if she ends up learning a bit slower, it is perfectly fine with you.

 7. Don’t Make Exams the Priority

 If you are going to teach a new subject to your child, then don’t start the conversation while telling her about a test. Rather, you need to start with a comparatively engaging assessment like Project Based Learning, Inquiry Learning etc. Otherwise, it is always recommended to leave the evaluation part to the final stage. This will keep the anxiety away from her.

 8. Go Beyond a Monotonous Environment

Your child is young and definitely full of energy too. Hence, if you compel her to sit in a room with textbooks of the toughest subject, it will not be of interest to her. So, when it’s a complicated subject, then it’s always recommended to move into a new environment. It can highly affect her learning process. With a vibrant ambience around her, your child would be highly enthusiastic to try learning and exploring even the tough topics. Some of the best places where you can take your child for such an amazing experience are the museum, beach, park, and so on. It has been noticed for multiple times that just a sway of fresh air on children’s face keeps them completely alert and more interested. You are there to give a better and pleasant teaching experience to your child, especially during exams.  Opt for the above ideas now itself and let even the toughest subject for your child become easy. Wish you all the best!

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