Bonding with Baby – A Bond of the Heart That Can Never be Expressed in Words

Bonding with Baby - A Bond of the Heart That Can Never be Expressed in Words

Generally, they say that once the baby is born he should be given to the mother for bonding to happen. In my case, I never had that chance. Since being a premature child, he was in the NICU for 11 days. I was allowed to feed him after 7 days .
And then the bonding starts.. ?

Even as fetus bonding happens.
I would rather say that my bonding with my baby started when he was in my womb.. soon after marriage when I conceived I didn’t get the chance to resume my work. I was at home getting bored, feeling lonely and depressed.
And as days passed, my emotions took a huge toll on me and I was left crying n weeping with no reason or person to blame.. and that is when I first started feeling his kicks.. quite strong.. n since then whenever I was sad I would get a kick.  It was like my baby was telling me that he is there with me and that I am not alone.
When was angry, he used to roll over like anything as if even he was angry.

And the sweetest part was his response to my talk and my questions. I used to ask him if he is a boy or a girl. Whenever I asked if he is a boy, he used to kick and when asked if a girl he kept silent.
When asked if he you liked me, am I nice, he used to roll over.. and this rolling didn’t seem like the one he did when angry.. it felt different.. like he was happy.

I used to listen to songs and there was this one song which, no matter when I played, he used to start moving around here and there as if he liked the song. And even after birth, when I played that song or sang it to him he used to calm down.

I am not sure if the baby could hear songs or us inside the womb. But they most definitely can feel us. They can feel what we feel. And I will say, the best time to bond with the baby is when they are in the womb. The more we talk to them and express our love, the better.

If we talk good things, like how happy we are to have him, how good it would be if they could listen to us after they come out. If they could help us and anything like how you expect your child to be… They might be like that.

It is the cord, the blood and everything natural that bonds us with our child. And no words can actually express the emotions involved in the journey of motherhood.

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