IVF or Natural Two Pink Lines is All That Matters

IVF or Natural Two Pink Lines is All That Matters

“Start using your mind to help your body conceive”

When the mind is stressed, it will not help you conceive. Honestly, if you’re stressed how can you think of even wanting a newborn in your life?

In today’s fast driven lifestyle, everyone is strained out. Expensive cars, promotion, loans, expensive vacations is just taking a toll on everyone’s health. The stress hormone has taken over the love hormone.

There’s pressure everywhere; pressure of jobs, EMI and to add on: the pressure of having a child tops everyone’s list these days.

The same happened with me in 2012. I got married in December 2011 and the anxiety in everyone’s mind started to build up to become a Dadi, Nani, Massi in one year .

Everyone was after my life to have a baby:

By 2013 midway, I gave into this pressure.

My husband and I started to plan our family. By 2014, all our plans had failed.In the hospital, a file ‘Infertility’ under my name was made. Believe me, this word is horrifying, especially when you are perfectly normal and all your reports are positive., But that’s the doctor’s lingo.

This word shook me, and I took up the challenge to omit this word from my life. I didn’t want to be called infertile all my life. Just cause stress had built on me, did not mean am lifeless.

In 2015, I started with my treatment, all kind of injections, medicines and IUI’s – everything went in vain. ,Every month the pregnancy kits showed one pink line. All these medications took a toll on my health, I gained a lot of weight, and had a lot of acne. (My pictures always needed to be edited for FB or WhatsApp).

This was killing me even more. I really wanted to conceive, but all I got was a single pink line. I cried every month in the washroom all by myself.
Every month I used to bring in new Josh of getting a positive one, next month. (How’s the Josh? High Sir).

Then I met Dr. Suman Puri at DMC Ludhiana. She changed my life and gave me a new perspective on how to get pregnant. She told me about IVF.

I had studied about it during my Biotechnology days, but I was quite apprehensive.

She told me that IVF is for those couples who are blessed by God to have a baby. She then said, IVF helps couples to have their own baby, but through assistance.

She then guided me that I was being treated for infertility, and there was nothing shameful about it. As it’s important to understand that there are new ways to give birth to a human being, which is the most beautiful part of being a woman.

2016, I left my job. With my husband’s and family support I started my treatment and on 31 Aug 2016 I saw those two beautiful pink lines .

Process of achieving pregnancy through IVF is different than a natural one, but after a positive result the journey is same.

So ladies, don’t let the stress of not getting pregnant take over your life. There’s hope, there’s a way out for everything. In the end, Two Pink Lines is what matters, and it’s all worth it.

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