Life Is Short - Be Supportive and Spend Quality Time Together

Life Is Short – Be Supportive and Spend Quality Time Together

Men and women are completely different; if you keep this in mind, you can lead a happy married life.

  • Men can’t multitask – It’s very important to understand that men can’t focus on multiple things and multitask as females can. Hence be patient and keep reminding them twice or thrice.
  • Just hear – Husbands, remember that if you just listen to what your wife wants to say, half of the problems get solved. Stay by your wife when she needs you by her side.
  • Keep your ego away – Keep both male and female egos aside. Accept the things you don’t know, ask the other person if you don’t know even a simple thing.
  • Appreciate the hard work – Both wife and husband put their efforts to run the family smoothly. Then what’s wrong in appreciating each other and sharing the work together?
  • Give importance to small things – That makes the other person happy, even if it is a small break with friends or a couple of hours at a hair spa.
  • Never get into bed after a fight – Try sorting the fight on the same day, sit and talk it out the same day, never take decisions in anger. Try never to break trust in each other. Trust, once broken, can never ever be fixed.
  • Spend time as a couple – Spend time with each other over a cup of tea, watch a movie together, cook together, or go for a walk.
  • Never insult each other – Try encouraging each other and be supportive.
  • Share the kids’ duties – If one feeds them, the other should spend time playing. This makes kids and parents happy.

Nowadays, both the wife and the husband work. It is important to be supportive of each other and spending quality time together. Avoid using gadgets at home, have face-to-face conversations and hold hands whenever possible. Remember that you should set an example as a couple to your children. You should be loving, happy, understanding and supportive so that your kids learn the same from you and imply it in their life.

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