COVID Pregnancy - How to Maintain a Healthy and Positive Lifestyle During This Phase

COVID Pregnancy – How to Maintain a Healthy and Positive Lifestyle During This Phase

Having a baby is one of the most beautiful feelings in this world. You become extra protective, extra caring and extra sensitive towards your baby even before birth. But these COVID panic and restrictions have put a lot of stress on how to do the best for expecting mothers and their baby. I myself being into the eighth month of this beautiful phase am going through several ups and downs in my mood due to prevailing conditions. But this baby, although not yet born has made me extra confident and positive. I am working more on myself and feeling better with each passing day. I have learnt how to spend time with myself by practising meditation and yoga and coming closer to nature. COVID has taught us to remain attached to our roots, and I have opted for a healthy lifestyle that will help me nurture my baby. Although I had plans for my baby shower too it has been cancelled because of restrictions and now I am planning for my home photoshoot and home baby shower. After all, it should be a memorable time no matter what the situations are. Sharing some of the healthy tips which can be helpful for all the mothers-to-be.
1. Start your day with at least 15 minutes of yoga or meditation to relax your mind.
2. Drink a glass of water the first thing in the morning preferably lukewarm water. This is helpful for constipation which is common during pregnancy.
3. Don’t skip breakfast. I opt for small meals. My breakfast includes (chilla, one egg and toast, vegetable sandwich ), soaked almonds and a glass of milk with protein powder.
4. After two hours of my breakfast, I eat a fruit that rejuvenates my inner self. (avoid papaya and pineapple.
5. After two hours, I have my lunch which includes one bowl of dal, seasonal vegetables, two wheat chapatis, curd, salad (I overeat during lunchtime so that I have enough time to digest it.)
6. In the evenings, I take tea or coffee with a handful of roasted makhanas (a rich source of protein and calcium).
7. I have my dinner latest by 8 pm. My dinner includes chapatti dal/vegetables or a sandwich. Then at 10 pm, I have a glass of milk with protein.

Trust me, I don’t feel like I am overeating or eating less. This diet helps me to feel full and allows me to eat a balanced diet in intervals.
I have skipped my cravings and some homemade junk which I occasionally eat. I will share some healthy recipes soon.
Lots of love to all the mothers out there; we are in this together!

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