Health Is the Only Wealth!

Health Is the Only Wealth!

I was not taking proper care of my health & always ate junk foods. It was harming me, and I was unable to realise it as the taste was the most important thing for me. I got married, but things remained the same. I got pregnant and had to undergo a C-Section delivery.

That day was the day I realised that my Wealth is my Health. The pain was so severe, I could not do any work and was on complete bed rest. I was not able to feed my little one or take her in my arms and smile. It was all very tough for me because I was overweight. I was so disappointed that I lost all hope of recovery.

Then I decided to take care of my health. I follow a diet plan, started exercising, and focussed only on homemade, hygienic foods. I added more green veggies, dals and fruits in my food chart, and avoid everything that was harming my health. I adopt all those changes that can help me recover and lose weight. Now, I changed my life fully, and it’s all because of my after delivery pain.

My realisation that my real asset is not my money, jewellery and property, but my health. If my health took a toll, I would be nothing. So, the most important thing is to take proper care of my health.

From then onward, I took proper care of my baby and added every nutritional food in her diet chart. I used to make my child do exercises and realised its importance. She also wakes up early in the morning and goes early to bed.

My child knows the importance of being healthy and is trying hard to maintain it. It makes me happy and proud that the thing I realise very late in my life, she has been practising from the day-one.

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