What My Little Munchkin Taught Me During Lockdown

I came to India for a vacation in November. I was very happy to introduce my little one, who is now 14 months old, to my relatives. Everything was going good, and finally, the time to say goodbye had come. With a heavy heart and with all the sweet memories to cherish, we were ready to fly. However, suddenly, the travel advisories started bombarding my hubby’s mailbox with information about COVID19 and the precautions travellers must take. We figured that it is not safe for us to travel with a baby, and so, we decided to stay at our house in Pune, which was closed for around eight years.

When we moved in, the lockdown was yet to start, so we rushed through things like cleaning, setting up the house and collecting daily essentials for our baby. Then the lockdown started. After some days, we realised we didn’t get time to buy toys for our baby. We literally didn’t have a single toy of his age as we hardly had any time left to collect the essentials and medicines for our baby. We even had to complete his vaccination. We were so upset thinking the poor baby would getting bored if he didn’t have enough toys to play. My husband called so many toy shops to see if they were open and operating during particular hours, but we had no luck.

My husband has to work from home, and my baby gets upset when he doesn’t get to spend time with his dad. So, my nephew and I started engaging more with the baby; we play different games with him to keep him entertained. But, when I have to do household work and cook, he manages to play with whatever he gets. He plays with utensils, plastic boxes, and plastic bottles, too.

Watching him play with things available around, I realised it’s us, the so-called grown-ups, who search happiness in things around us. But, my little one taught me that if you are happy from within, then you can create happiness around you with anything no matter how small or how inexpensive it is. Our son is a blessing. He gives me hope and so much joy. And, last but not least, he teaches me how to find happiness in little things around me.

I love my munchkin!

Thank you for reading my blog.

Stay home, stay safe!

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