Major Challanges in Homeschooling Your Child and How to Deal With Them

Major Challanges in Homeschooling Your Child and How to Deal With Them

With schools being shut, a major question in the minds of parents is “What about the education this year?” Although most schools have started online classes, many students are finding it difficult to adjust to these new times. While most of them have settled into the new normal, many of them are struggling to reap the full benefit of the classes.  The most hardly hit group is probably preschoolers and primary level students who find it difficult to pay full attention in the class. Keeping all this in mind, many of the parents have started homeschooling, which in these tough times seems to be a good way to engage kids and establish bonds with them. As a teacher, the question which I am asked the most is-” How to start homeschooling without any prior experience?”  Well, homeschooling is easier said than done, but some tips can easily help in easying the task to a great extent. Here are some points that you should keep in mind before homeschooling your child.

1. RESEARCH ABOUT THE CURRICULUM– In today’s world, there are plenty of options available in front of parents when it comes to curriculum. Do thorough research before starting teaching so that your journey becomes clear and easy. The type of curriculum should depend on the board which you will want to follow once everything falls in place. For preschoolers, it’s better to choose and adjust as per the need of your child so as to get the maximum output.

2. MAINTAIN A MONTHLY AND YEARLY CALENDAR-  Once you have decided on the curriculum, plan it by the year, specifying which topic you would teach in a particular month. Similarly, plan your month in advance so that you are clear about the facts that you have to teach and the activities you have to carry out that particular month. Once you have done it, you will find it easier to go on teaching.

3. STICK TO A TIMETABLE- Probably the most important of all, maintain a daily timetable for your child mentioning the study time and playtime. In the absence of school, kids find it easier to escape study. Make it a point to replicate a school timetable i.e study in morning hours and play in the evenings. This way, even you will know when you have to stop your household work and start school for the kid. Set a break time, lunchtime and activity time in the timetable.

4. DO NOT FEAR TO EXPERIMENT- Remember, the child is with you for the whole day. Make learning fun by introducing out-of-curriculum subjects like gardening, cooking, etc. to keep your child engaged. Don’t rely completely on the book and paper to teach things. Have some fun-filled activities to break the monotony of regular class.  Let the child understand that education is not only about pen, paper and books.

5. DO NOT PILE UP MATERIALS- Most homeschooling parents spend a lot of money on buying the materials needed for activities. Most of them end buying materials that they would not even use for the year. Try to purchase things that are versatile and easily available.

6. DO NOT GIVE UP- This is the golden rule. Most of you would be new to teaching, so it’s easy to lose your temper at the slightest mood change of your child. Remember, your child has, till now, seen you as a loving parent only. Hence, you need to switch to the role of a teacher to make learning possible. Give your child some time to accept you in that role. Today or tomorrow, it will come for sure. Be patient. Create a bond with your child by paying attention to his needs and desires. Once that bond is established you will find that teaching your child is a fulfilling task.

These are some of the tips that can help you start homeschooling. Hope these will help you to homeschool your child in a better way. Just remember to cherish this time and make the most if it!

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