8 Fun & Entertaining Bible Games for Kids

8 Bible Games for Kids to Frolic and Learn Bible Lessons

If you wish to reinforce some bible learning while making it fun for the kids, how about engaging kids in playing some bible games! In this post, we share with you some fun bible games for kids that will help them learn memorable bible lessons in the most frolicking way! Read on to learn these exciting bible games!

Super Fun Bible Games to Play and Learn Bible Stories

Here is a selection of some super fun bible games for kids!

1. The Verse Hunt

This is a fun treasure hunt and one of the most entertaining bible word games but with a subtle twist that helps kids learn the bible verses.

What You Will Need

  • Pen
  • Paper
  • Bible verses

How to Play 

  • Take the paper and cut it as many smaller squares or rectangles (chits) as you can. Ensure all the chits are the same size, and they are big enough for you to write words from the verses.
  • Make a list of some verses. Take one verse and write one or two words of the verse on each chit. Ensure the entire verse is broken down on the paper chits. Make such chits for as many verses as you want.
  • Fold the chits and hide them in different parts of the room.
  • Ask the kids to hunt for the words and put them in a sequence to make a meaningful bible verse.
  • You can also give hints for them to locate the chits and set a time limit for the activity for more thrill and excitement!
  • You can ask all the kids to recite the memory verse together after they finish assembling the verse.

2. Grab the Candies

This is a fun bible game that teaches kids about satisfaction and contentment!

What You Will Need 

  • A bag of candies
  • A big bowl
  • Disposable cups, as required
  • Chairs, as required

How to Play

  • Place all the chairs in a straight line and ask the kids to sit in them. Hand them one cup each.
  • Put all the candies in the bowl and place the bowl on a chair, away from the kids.
  • At the word ‘Go’, the kids are to leave the cup on the chair, walk, not run, towards the bowl, fetch one candy at a time and put it in their cups.
  • The catch here is that the kids have to take only one candy at a time and they need to walk.
  • The timer goes off or when will you say, ‘Stop’!
  • The kids who have carried one candy each time and didn’t run to get more candies will get to keep the candies, whereas the ones who have carried more candies and ran to collect more will have to forego all the candies.

3. Ring the Bell

This is an exciting bible quiz game, and the difficulty level can go up or down as per the age of the kids! This activity teaches patience, strategising and also tests their knowledge about the bible.

What You Will Need

  • Desk bells
  • Some bible lesson questions with different difficulty levels

How to Play

  • Make three to four (or more) groups depending on the number of kids.
  • Give each team one desk bell.
  • The catch is that the teams have to ring the bell before the question is asked.
  • The team that rings the first question gets to answer first.
  • Assign 5 points for every correct answer and deduct 2 for every wrong answer.
  • If the team is unable to answer, pass it on to the next team that rung the bell.
  • Calculate the points in the end to declare the winning team!

4. The Bible Word Search

This is a fun and thrilling bible paper game for kids that helps them learn some bible words!

What You Will Need 

How to Play 

  • Write the alphabets of the chosen words horizontally, vertically, backward, diagonally or in other fun ways (keep in mind the age of the kids while doing so).
  • Fill in the gaps by writing other random alphabets around the actual words. Alternatively, you can hunt for printable bible word puzzles from the internet too!
  • Print one paper for each child.
  • Hand over the word puzzle to each child and set a time for them to complete the activity. The child who finds all the words first will be the winner!

5. Find the Passage

This is another informative yet fun-filled game for kids, which needs just the bible!

What You Will Need

  • A Bible for every child

How to Play

  • Hand over a bible to every child.
  • Tell the kids that you will open the bible and read out a random passage from anywhere in the book.
  • As soon as you mention the passage reference, the children will have to look for the passage in the bible as fast as they can!
  • The one who finds the passage first raises the hand and reads it aloud.
  • Five points will be assigned to every correct answer.
  • The game can be played individually or in a team of two to three players.
  • The person or team with the maximum number of points will be the winner in the end!

6. The Bible Bingo

This game can never go wrong when it comes to teaching kids from the bible!

What You Will Need

  • Some bible words
  • Printing paper

How to Play

  • Pick up some words from famous bible stories such as Joshua, Ezra, Matthew, James, Ruth, etc.
  • To make a ticket, make a 5 by 5 grid on the paper and write one word in each square.
  • You will have to make different word combinations for every ticket.
  • Make small paper chits of each word, too. Fold them and place them in a bowl.
  • Hand over one ticket and a pencil to each child.
  • Pick out one folded word chit at a time.
  • The children will have to strike the called-out word if it is on their ticket.
  • The kid who strikes out all the words in a line or all the numbers on the ticket will get a prize (you can decide the number of prizes as per your choice).
  • Alternatively, you can get printable tickets from the internet and use them!

7. The Musical Chair Bible Lessons

You can indulge kids in a fun activity as they learn some bible verses with this fun and exciting musical chair bible board game!

What You Will Need

  • Sticky notes
  • Chairs, as required
  • A white or blackboard

How to Play

  • Write one word each on a sticky note.
  • Number the notes – You may follow the sequence for younger kids and jumble the words to make it difficult for older kids.
  • Then, stick one note on the back of every chair.
  • Place the chairs in a circle. Ensure you have one chair less than the total number of kids.
  • Ask the kids to stand a little way from the chairs and move around the chairs as the music starts playing.
  • Ask the children to be seated on the chairs as soon as the music stops.
  • The child who does not get to sit on the chair will be out of the game.
  • Now, the kids who are seated have to check the words and the corresponding number. The kid with the first note that has the number “1” and a word from the bible written on it has to come in the front and place the note on the board.
  • Then, remove the chair and resume the game. Keep removing the chair with no note in each round.
  • The kid putting the final word of the verse on the board will be the winner.
  • Ask all the kids to stand together and recite the verse.
  • If you’ve scrambles the words, ask the kids to rearrange them and then recite the verse.

8. The Ball-Fight

This crazy bible ball game helps teach a valuable lesson to kids!

What You Will Need 

  • Newspapers
  • Masking tape
  • Disposable wipes
  • A timer

How to Play 

  • Form two groups of children.
  • Handover newspapers to each team.
  • Use the masking tape to make a line in the centre.
  • Ask both the groups to stand on either side of the line.
  • Choose one direction for the kids to face. Then, use the masking tape and mark another line a couple of metres away from each team.
  • Keep a time limit, and as you hit the buzzer, ask the kids on each side to start making balls by rolling the newspaper and throwing them as far across the second line as possible.
  • After the buzzer stops, the team that throws a greater number of newspaper balls across the second line will be the winner.
  • The kids learn the importance of teamwork. Another take on the game can be terming newspaper balls as sins and throwing them away from your life.
  • After the game is over, get all the kids to throw the clutter in the recycling bin and wipe their hands with disposable wipes.

Getting kids involved in some fun games and activities is a great way of teaching them about valuable lessons and teaching from the bible. These are just a few games from our treasure! We hope you will play these games with your kids and enjoy teaching them at the same time!

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