My Crying Newborn: Can Wet Wipes Be a Reason for Rashes?

My Crying Newborn: Can Wet Wipes Be a Reason for Rashes?

I had just started my new journey as a mom, and my newborn got crankier day by day. We consulted the doctor thrice, but every time we got the answer that our newborn is perfectly healthy. I had a C-section delivery, and it was getting difficult for me to handle a rigorously crying cranky newborn. I was stressed, bothered, and frustrated. I used to read many articles about newborns on FirstCry.

I noticed a little redness on my baby’s bum, and it struck me – is it rashes that are bothering my newborn? But then, I cross answered, that we don’t usually use diapers, so how can that be possible… Then, I recalled the answer of my paediatrician, that my medicines are causing her to have watery poo, when I had asked him about it. Now, it was causing her rashes, too.

The condition worsened over the next week . The skin was now peeling and turning into a bright red rash. The doctor I consulted prescribed one type of medication. During another visit, I got another prescription of a different medicine. Yet, the rash persisted. Two tubes gone!

But, when I went through a FirstCry article about rashes, I read about wet wipes worsening the rashes. I stopped using wipes, and started following the instructions given, like washing the baby and patting dry, and keeping the area dry all day, and keeping it open and airy to improve the condition. Along with this, I visited the doctor for a third time, and got another cream prescribed. Finally, the rashes were improving!

And, I am still thankful to the article I read, and because of which I posted a question in the comments section, CAN WET WIPES CAUSE RASHES? And I got the answer, YES, SOMETIMES IT CAN, AND MAY WORSEN RASHES.

A heartfelt thank you for the article and information that you guys jot down, and the instant reply of the paediatrician online. Keep up the good work, FirstCry. You are making new moms’ journeys easier with such information. Thanks a ton!

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