Tip to Switch Your Sleepless Baby to a Snoozer

baby in a deep sleep

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“Babies are supposed to sleep up to 18 hours,” said the doctor. However, baby Viv would hardly do that; he would wake up every couple of hours and stay awake feeding on and off for a whole hour. He would also occasionally wake up for a diaper change and any other discomfort. For the ones doing the math, he was barely sleeping for 10 hours a day.

I was concerned and wondered if my baby was over-tired. The doctors seem to brush aside any such concerns; however, in the quest to finding answers, I searched online only to find horror stories of sleepless babies.

Try playing some music, they said. Try a white noise machine, they said. The fact is that a baby is used to hearing loud noises and voices in the womb. However, our natural instinct was to stay quiet around him. This was probably all too scary for him.

After trials and error and error and error, we once tried playing a soft lullaby on our phone. There are a whole lot of them on youtube. To our surprise, he slept for 3-4 hours at a stretch over the soothing piano music. The sight of him settling down and slipping into a deep sleep so quickly to the sound of the music was heartwarming. We were relieved because we were now getting better, undisturbed sleep between midnight to 4 am, which to any new parents, is gold.

Now, the lullabies have become a constant companion to our nights. We are better rested, more energetic and calm. I sometimes feel we parents won’t be able to sleep without the lullabies anymore.

Please try the above method and let me know if it worked for you as well.

Cheers to lullabies, snoozing and sound sleep.

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