Teaching Religion: Tell Them What, Why and How, Not the Unrealistic Dos & Don'ts

Teaching Religion: Tell Them What, Why and How, Not the Unrealistic Dos and Don’ts

In this world with diminishing boundaries, open thoughts and embracing cross culture traditions, sometimes we as parents, feel an urge to preach or teach our child about our country, its rich culture, traditions and religion!

In my last blog post, I mentioned about children being our reflection, not just in terms of looks, but also the way we think and conduct ourselves!

I want my son to understand all religions equally and that every culture, language and religion teaches us to keep on trying to be better than what we are today, be human, try to evaluate a situation and do what is right!

They should be taught the WHAT, WHY, WHEN, WHERE & HOW about a religion, not the distorted or polarised form of the DO’s and DONT’s which favour any particular section or gender in society.

All I want to for my son is that, like in mythology, (I shall quote Hindu mythology because I grew up learning that) the God, Avatar, Godlike, Halfgod and Demigod, everyone had some skills which they were sometimes aware of, sometimes not!

There Was Always Someone Elder/Dearer Like

A teacher
A teammate
A father-like figure
A friend
A deity they worshipped

Or a mother who reminded them of their abilities, what they were capable of and motivated them to transform into someone even wiser and a refined version of themselves.
All of them became Gods not because of their powers, but because their actions made the world a better place.

I want my son to grow as an individual who knows why any instance happened in mythology and that our actions always have repercussions…!

This post shall continue with the teachings of many Indian Epics, Puranas, and Holy Books!
And I’ll share my thoughts, what I infer from them and tell such stories to my son at bedtime!

For eg.
Sunderkand is the story of Lord Hanuman’s journey and his quest to find Mata Sita.
Lord Hanuman was oblivious about his power and strength until Jambvant praised him and even made him realize his colossal strength. This is exactly when he decided to start his voyage to search Mata Sita in Ramayan who had been kidnapped by Ravana.

In this case, Hanuman Ji forgets about the gigantic size he can achieve, that he could fly, etc. Because he was banished by Surya Dev when Lord Hanuman (in his childhood) tried to eat him.

Similarly, we as parents, know how much our child is capable of, we don’t need to push them for doing things of our choice, instead motivate and confide in them that they shall choose the right path, that they are capable and should do things in good faith without forgetting their aim. One day they will be successful and throughout the journey, we shall be their guiding light and strength to cross all their hurdles.

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