How My Son Helped My Baby Girl Fight Jaundice

How My Son Helped My Baby Girl Fight Jaundice

In pregnancy, it is very important not to climb a lot of stairs. I had cervix sutures because it was already funnelling when my due date was 4 months ahead.

You think you are strong, but issues like this appear in later stages of pregnancy. It is not necessary that it will happen to all, but it is very important to be careful. I was advised bed rest to hold the baby for the rest of my pregnancy. Somehow, I dragged to full term.

My son used to talk to the baby inside my womb on daily. Talking to babies when they are inside is very important. I have personally experienced that they can recognise voices.

Aadhya is my second child. Due to the differences in the blood groups of the mother and the baby, especially when it is the second child, there are chances of neonatal jaundice. She was on and off NICU for quite some time. The level of jaundice was really high the day she was born.

Somehow, everything came into control with phototherapy. Thanks to God and all the doctors. They constantly kept calming me and alerting that stress reduces breast milk. I had to trust them that my baby was in the right hands, and fortunately, she was.

Breastfeeding is very important. The doctors advised me to feed the baby bi-hourly (twice an hour). It did its work. I was also asked to sunbathe the baby for 15 minutes at least for the next 15 days. Therefore, every morning and evening, I would carefully place her in the area where we got enough sunlight coming through the window panels.

Today, she is 6 months old. It was a rollercoaster ride. My son is also really happy. I remember the day we brought her home. My son had tied pink balloons on the door with the help of his grandpa, especially to invite her home. She was in the hospital for 5 days already. She stayed home for a day, and the next day, we had to take her back to the hospital because her bilirubin levels went high.

This happened once again when we brought her home. My son was so happy to see her, but he doubtfully asked me whether she will be with us, or the doctors will take her back again. I had no answer. I told him to talk to the baby and tell her how much he loved her, how special she is, and how important it is for him that she stays with him. He spoke to her without fail for the next 15 days.

Some people might be thinking it is common to have neonatal jaundice these days. But the trauma of seeing your baby in NICU is intense. It’s painful to wait outside and pray for the therapy to work to avoid further complications.

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