The Story of a Late Preterm Baby Boy Who Added Colours to Our Life

The Story of a Late Preterm Baby Boy Who Added Colours to Our Life

I hope you all know what a premature baby means. But everyone may not be aware of this term – “late preterm”. Even I was not aware of it, till 5th June, 2020. This was the day when I was introduced to this new term and a new world.

The very early morning of June 5th added a new colour to my nagging life, in the form of a little one with rosy lips and dimpled chin, weighing 2.700 kg. He came into our life much earlier than we expected. The doctors named him as a late preterm baby. He was normal in all the senses, but was still taken away for 24 hours of observation.

Despite all the pain I suffered, I was very eager to see the little handsome champ. As soon as I opened my eyes, I searched for him. But the people in white coats informed me about the situation. My hubby and I counted each arm of the hanging clock, waiting to welcome him to our world of love. The very next day, we were introduced to the world of responsibilities. His little gestures, sleep, and every other thing added a big curve to our faces.

However, being a preterm baby has its cons. His bilirubin was in negative characters, which had us worried.  He was soon taken for phototherapy for 48 hours. That destroyed our dreams for the day. Every two hours he came to us like a guest, sucked 2 to 3 mouthfuls of milk, and went away to his comfort zone.

Finally, the day of the discharge came, which was most awaited. We rushed him to our sweet home. Now, he is a few months old, and all the issues about his health are resolved,  and he is a little champ.

This little one made a drastic change to my hubby and me. I self-shifted into being a responsible mom, as did my better half.

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