My Guilt Inspired Me to Spend More Time With My Kids

My Guilt Inspired Me to Spend More Time With My Kids

Online media is being used a lot more with the onset of lockdowns. Be it for work from home, or for our kids with their studies and extracurricular activities.

With the lockdown in place, I got to spend a little extra time with my child and make him do activities and help him learn new things. I was already following a few mom bloggers to see what new activities they’re doing with their kids and how they’re keeping the kids entertained. It is always fun to find new ideas which help in educating and entertaining the kids.

With the lockdown restrictions being slightly relaxed, I got back to work from home with my office work. While managing all the house chores and office work, I squeezed in a little time for my kids to do something fun with him.

As I could only spend less time with my kids, I felt guilty about a lot of things.

  • I felt guilty about not being able to spend most of my time with them and making them do activities.
  • I felt guilty about how other moms are giving the best of their time to their kids, and I am unable to do so.
  • I felt guilty about giving my time to office work and not to my child.
  • I felt guilty about not being the best mom to my child.

But then I realised some things.
1. Every mom or dad have their own story, and every mom is the best for her child. The best part is, my 2-year-old son made me realise this. While I pretended to leave him to go to work, he was not really happy with it and asked me to stay with him.
2. That our mothers and the generation of mothers did not have too much access to media or the internet. They did not compare themselves with others and always did the best they could with us.
3. Probably our moms did not make us do many activities as mothers do today, but we are here out in the world and are happy with whatever we do.
4. That instilling values in kids is as important as educating them.
5. I do not want to lose myself and my passion in the process of raising my kid. If I lose myself, I will not be as happy as I am today, and I will share my unhappiness with my child.

Hats off to all those moms who can do so many activities with and for their kids. You are a real inspiration and a teacher for other mothers. But, moms like me who are not able to do too much with kids, remember it’s okay.

Lots of love
From a mom to other moms

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