My 10-Point Easy Mantra for Indian Parents to Fight Off Infections

The COVID-19 pandemic has lead to so many changes in our lives. Many unimaginable things have happened in this period and, yes, they have made us stronger, sharper and healthier in some way or the other.
Our kids are also going through this tough time just like us, whether they like it or not. Even if this pandemic or the number of positive cases decrease, there will still be fear about catching infections and falling sick. There are a few things which we should be including in our daily lives so as to keep everyone around us safe and sound.
Here is my 10-point mantra to fighting off infections.
1. Wash your hands and feet after coming from outside. It sounds basic but is highly effective in preventing and fighting infections.
2. Remove your footwear at the designated place and never wear it inside your home. Keep separate slippers or shoes to be worn only at home.
3. Avoid outside foods, especially anything made in an unhygienic environment. Everything should be made at home with super-duper cleanliness.
4. Avoid eating on the go. Sit at one place, preferably in the dining area, and eat calmly, enjoying the taste.
5. Drink plenty of water daily. It really helps to stay hydrated.
6. Avoid unnecessary gatherings, parties and meetings. Remember that we do need to follow social distancing even in the future.
7. Exercise daily. Take some minutes off from your busy schedule and get your heart rate up. It helps in oxygenation, better blood circulation and overall well being.
8. Do not forget basic family time. Talking to them, telling stories, singing, dancing and cooking bring the entire family together during these trying times.
9. Do keep in mind that there is nothing more important than good health.
10. Be realistic and responsible, which will be definitely reflected in the kids.
All the very best to all the parents out there who are already doing this daily. Together we can fight off any infection for a better, safer and healthier future!

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