A Beautiful Journey of My Preterm Delivery

A Beautiful Journey of My Preterm Delivery

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My baby boy was born when I was 33 weeks pregnant. He weighed only 1.9 kg. I was terrified on the day of my delivery, but my gynaecologist has been a great support throughout this challenging journey. Since my husband was abroad during this difficult period, my gynaecologist helped me the most. My husband always had my back mentally. My baby developed jaundice and had water in his lungs during delivery, yet thanks to my paediatrician, he saved my child.

He is now five months old and weighs 7.7kg. My baby refuses to take my feed; this makes me stressed out. I’m not sure why he abruptly stopped, but I’m attempting to reintroduce him to my feed. It bothers me that he is now on formula milk and refuses to take the feed. I’m always concerned about whether he’s getting enough nourishment. I can’t help but give him formula milk because I don’t have any other options.

Some newborns will have a lighter skin tone when they are born, which will change to a darker skin tone in a few days to a month or two, but parents must not be worried. To be honest, I was concerned too, but instead of becoming very anxious, I began studying what I might do to change my baby’s skin tone. Then I realised that there is nothing we can do to change things; we can only take extra care of our child’s skin, such as moisturising them after a bath with a decent lotion. After that, you should use good sunscreen. You may believe that you do not need to apply sunscreen because you do not take your child outside. However, you must still apply because UV light would be present at home, which may hurt our child’s sensitive skin and alter their skin tone.

Finally, you must take proper care of your child’s skin to ensure that it is healthy and nourished.

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