10 Tips to Follow This Quarantine in the Absence of Salon Services

Though the lockdown being extended to overcome this pandemic is good news, it doesn’t seem so good when I look into a mirror.
Even though I have been following some beauty regimes to look like a human for all those con calls, I do miss the expertise of my beautician.
Here are the hacks/regimes I have been following to survive this lockdown without  the ‘palour wali didi’.
1. Moisturize your hands after every hand wash else they are gonna be as dry as the autumn leaf. Sadly, professional manicures are off duty. I keep a small bottle at the dining table, which helps me stay consistent.
2. Exfoliate twice a week to get rid of those blackheads and dead skin. Don’t forget to apply face pack to close those pores.
3. Let your feet soak during a hair wash and pick up the foot scrubber while the conditioner works its magic. So what if we can’t have an actual pedicure, a quick one should work.
4. After a shower, apply vaseline or foot cream or nipple care butter (it works)  and wear cotton socks. This weather is not good for those innocent heels.
5. Pluck that unruly lone eyebrow hair before it becomes a part of the bush.
tweezing brows
6. Learn to thread your upper lips on youtube. Practice on your knee before you go for that war. Plucking is not an option (atleast not for me. Can’t bear it.)
7. Before you get the full growth, use wax strips instead of hair removal cream or razor. They keep those stupid hairs at bay for a longer time. Hopefully, by then the salon will open and save you from agony.
8. Use roll on for underarms to prevent darkening due to perspiration in this heat. There are no office ACs to keep us cool.
9. Turn the knob to cold water after enjoying that hot shower. This prevents dryness and closes pores.
10. Apply your favourite lipstick to forget about the unkempt parts of your face and look Fabulous!
Hope these tips help you. Share your hacks/tips/regime in the comments that you are following this lockdown!

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