Baby Care Tips for New Mothers

Baby Care Tips for New Mothers

When I gave birth to my baby, I had so many emotions. I was excited, as well as nervous, thinking how could I handle  this responsibility. I often questioned if I was a good mother to my baby or not, but the one thing I learnt was to Be Patient! My little one is, now, six months old, and I would like to share what I learnt as a new mommy.

  1. Give your baby a massage with olive/ coconut oil, everyday. Initially, I massaged my little one once a day,, but then I increased it to two times a day. After the massage, wrap your baby in a swaddle cloth, so that he/she can relax and sleep soundly.
  1. Green colour poop is common in newborns who are formula fed, or have a cough or cold and in breast fed babies, if there is an imbalance in fore milk and hind milk. Don’t worry about the colour of stool, unless it is blood red or too watery.
  1. Breast milk is best for baby. If you are able to produce a sufficient amount of breast milk for your baby, there is no need to go for formula fed. After each feed hold the baby on your shoulder and his back until he burps. It is very important to burp your baby, so that the milk gets digested easily.
  1. Colic is normal in babies, now-a-days. Baby cries continuously and we mothers get scared about what is happening. There’s no need to worry. Give tummy time to your baby a few times a day. Massage your baby’s tummy in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions.
  1. Teething troubles are also normal in babies. Gently massage your baby’s gums with clean fingers. I use a Silicone Finger Baby Brush to massage my baby’s gums.
  1. Hygiene is very important for your baby. Wash your hands before handling the baby and change bed linens frequently. “Diaper hygiene” is also very important, so change your baby’s diaper frequently. Apply a diaper rash cream or coconut oil before putting the diaper on your baby. I personally use the Himalaya rash cream for my baby.

As a new parent, I learnt these tricks and tips with time and patience. So, keep calm, enjoy motherhood, and spend as much time as you can with your little one.

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