Tips on Taking Your First Flight With Your Infant

Tips on Taking Your First Flight With Your Infant

Before travelling by plane for the first time with my infant, I had so many questions running through my head. While some were answered before the journey began, some were answered during the flight and the rest, after we landed. So, here are some tips on taking a domestic flight with your infant, for the first time.

  1. The first thing you might wonder is if your baby needs a ticket. The answer is yes. Babies under the age of two can travel for free, but you still have to buy a ticket for them and pay the tax amount, which varies according to the airline. Book the ticket in advance, so that you can get a seat of your choice. Some airlines have infant special seats, so check and book a seat in advance.
  1. Choose a time of travel that is generally near your baby’s nap time, so that you both can travel peacefully. Otherwise, all the waiting around and sitting may irritate your little one, causing a tantrum.
  1. The next thing is that you need to show a government approved identity for your baby to enter  the airport. A birth certificate, passport or Aadhar card will work.
  1. If you want, you can carry a pram or stroller. However, it is my personal suggestion to avoid a pram because it can be difficult for you to carry it through security and it may also create trouble when travelling to the plane in the bus.
  1. For diaper changes, most major domestic airports have baby diaper changing rooms you can use. There is also a diaper changing seat in the plane’s washroom, but it is quite cramped, so try and change your baby’s diaper in the airport washroom before you board.
  1. If your baby only drinks breast milk, carry a dupatta to cover yourself during feeds.
  1. Airlines provide an infant seat belt that you have to attach to your own seat belt, so make sure to do that and keep your baby safe.
  1. Last, but not the least, feed your baby during take off and and landing, so that the air pressure doesn’t bother him/her.

I hope this information helps you have a happy, safe, and fuss-free journey with your baby.

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