Don’t Feed With the Help of Phones and Tablets

I often see many mommies posting that their kids aren’t taking food, especially who are within 2 years. It is very normal. Don’t panic. It is very common and normal with all children. Just be patient enough and keep trying.
Firstly, a big no to phones and tablets. Is this possible in a tech-savvy world? Yes! It all lies in how we keep them engaged other than phones. Shouldn’t they learn rhymes and activities by watching videos which makes them absorb the content easily? Yes! Of course but again not on phone and tablets, instead play it on TV which makes them sit afar from gadgets. Again don’t make this as a habit. Play for some time. You have a control over it.
Gadgets can be easily carried by kids, which makes it more comfortable for them. Secondly, babies love to explore new things and they are too active the full day. Only adults are lazy. Kids don’t sit at a place and rest themselves. They are never tired. To make them eat, run with them. Play with them. Mimic them. Do what they like. Love them. Talk to them. Create stories with their favourite toys and animals. Make animal sounds. All these divert their mind and food finally goes in. Doing all these not only makes them gulp down the food but also creates a beautiful bond between you and your baby.
Shouldn’t the baby know what they are eating? Is diverting their minds the only way to feed them?
Of course! Diversion is the only way for fussy eaters. All these are just tips and tricks until they grow up and understand things around them, maybe until 3 or 4 yrs.
  • Keep trying new foods every day.
  • It’s okay if they make a mess while eating by themselves.
  • Let them eat while you eat.
Finally, love your kids unconditionally as time never goes back and you will never be feeding your kids once they grow older.


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