A Beautiful Dream – Hoping It Will Actualise One Day

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After giving a massage and a bath to my 4-month-old baby, putting him to sleep, and after serving tea and breakfast to my husband, washing clothes and tidying up the house, I decided to take rest as I felt a little feverish.

While dozing off, I was thinking about how my hubby and I would take care of our little angel all by ourselves, how my hubby works round the clock and has stopped exercising ever since the gyms have closed due to lockdown and how we could manage everything more smoothly.

Then, I got up from my sleep, and it felt like I had been sleeping forever. I headed to the kitchen to make the evening tea, thinking what can be made for dinner, and I saw a young man in his mid 20’s coming towards me saying, “I have got my admission letter to the college of my choice, Maa. You were right; hard work pays off. I love you!”

Before I could get the sense of this, my husband, with some wrinkles on his face and grey hair, emerged from the main door and said, “Dear today I walked for 20 minutes non stop, I feel so energetic, I am going to continue walking daily. Please make tea for 5 of us. I will cook dinner tonight.”

While going into the kitchen, I stumbled thinking who the other two people are. Then to my surprise, I saw my parents sitting on the sofa. My father smiled and said, “I am proud of you beta, you are managing your household so well.” My mummy just smiled with tears in her eyes.

Then I saw myself in the mirror and saw wrinkles on my face and started laughing in disbelief but then heard a baby cry nearby.

Now, I had actually woken up from my dream and saw my baby crying for his feed. As I looked at him, he gave me his priceless toothless smile with tears in his eyes.

At the same time, my hubby came to the room and said, “Come, dear, I have prepared green tea for both of us. I finished my work and saw you sleeping peacefully, so I decided not to disturb you. I have chopped vegetables for dinner, too.”

I realised that I had just seen a beautiful dream, but to actualise it, I have to work consistently with my family. I got up with enthusiasm, gave a big smile to my hubby and kissed my baby on the forehead!

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