Help Your Kids Find The Hero Hidden in Them

Help Your Kids Find The Hero Hidden in Them

With confidence and willingness, kids learn vital skills and seek for more and more new opportunities. Whether academics or non-academics, they always are active performers. A disciplinary lifestyle and smart upbringing can help children try their hand at new things regardless of the consequences.
On the other hand, some kids are scared and unsure of themselves. They are never ready to participate in any activity, even if it is a part of their growth and development. It is, therefore, very important to change the mindset.
We need to encourage them to speak and express their views. Further, we can always be there to help them and advice them whenever required.
Not allowing kids to be more expressive or participative creates a lot of issues in their development. By doing so, parents do not permit their kids to learn or even be strong and sensible.
Following are the different techniques to build courage in kids:
  1. Appreciate them for the skills they already have.
  2. Tell them it’s alright not to be perfect all the time.
  3. Allow kids to express their emotions.
  4. Listen to them compassionately and practice acceptance towards there emotions.
  5. Provide examples and opportunities to try new things.

Being brave is standing up for something you believe in. We cannot simply force or push any kid to act courageously.

Every shoe doesn’t fit equal to everyone; we need to understand this as well. Parents can take simple steps to build, and further, boost confidence in their children. This will encourage them to perform every task independently and allow them to embrace life. Winston Churchill once said, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” Now, isn’t that true?

Thank you,
Radhika Sharma

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