A Father Just for Namesake

A Father Just for Namesake

One good news alters our life in innumerable ways, so did my pregnancy and then, delivery. I’m blessed with a little girl, a lot changed in me after her arrival but what went for a toss is my marital life. As my partner is very understanding in all aspects, I assumed he’d be a great father.

Well, sometimes experts also misinterpret behaviours, so did I, the sky came crashing down on me as I saw him ignoring his part of parenting. He treated her like a toy, come back from office, play with the toy for 15 minutes and off to his own sweet routine. He didn’t want any responsibility, just full control on his little one. Do this, don’t do this; all I felt was how can someone not prioritise their own kid. I have come across a lot of men who are busier yet they happily tackle the kid at night.

One night I pleaded him to pacify our daughter as my touch reminded her of breast milk. I recently weaned off so sometimes she would wake up at midnight and cry for milk; this wouldn’t happen if she was pacified by him. Instantly, he said I won’t pick her up at night come what may, I felt like shaking him and saying this is your child too, take some responsibility. He carried on the same routine, that of a married man and not a parent. He loved her but never prioritised her, he adored her but never took the onus. I’m sure he doesn’t realise it today that the first few years establish the deepest connect of the kid with his/her parents. The first two years are the most amusing as little ones go through so many lovely changes with utter innocence. Every good husband might not be a good father too, so judge well, then decide your approach to parenting.

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