Guilt Free Full time MOM!! (From Being a Workaholic to a Full Time MOM)

Guilt Free Full time MOM!! (From Being a Workaholic to a Full Time MOM)

It is a definitely quite a process in convincing our mind to accept the phrase “Guilt free full time mom”!!

Yes my journey too was the same…I was a full time working woman, to be more precise a workaholic. I had taken a break from all my official duties to enjoy my maternity period thinking I can join back to work after a few months post delivery, but that very moment when I looked into my daughter’s eyes, that is when I decided to quit for sure.

I would proudly say till now I have not regreted, one might think this is too early to say so!..but the societial judgmental phase has already begun big time in my life!!! – Do you think you can manage all expenses with a single salary? What will do when she has to join school? What will you do, as she grows her expenses also increases proportionally!! My God you have done the biggest mistake in quitting the life time oppurtunity you had!! Have you got enough savings?? How will you pay all your loans?? The questions and sarcasm will go on…it is definitely never ending!!. But despite all this choas the serene and innocent look of my little one captures my heart and takes me to a state of ecstasy. It is absolutely priceless.

Time will wait for none…these moments can never be bought again with any riches that we have earned later!!. What are we earning and saving for!, if we are unable to spend the little time that we have without any guilt for our loved one.

At this juncture, I respect and honour all the working women, who with loads of pain from missing these moments; manage to smile and bring all the courage to work with all their strength and mind to provide the very best for their little one.

All I would like to say is please never be judgemental….each one has their reasons for doing what they are doing!…please say only soothing things and never prick anyone with your words. If not please stay silent!

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