How to Get Your Toddler to Eat Food

How to Get Your Toddler to Eat Food

Kids who are 2 years old or above are usually not interested in eating the food which their parents might want to feed them. If you are a parent, you must try to find out and understand what they like to eat. For example, if your child likes food that has a sour and sweet taste, then you should cook food by adding something that gives the food a sour and sweet taste. You will be surprised to see your toddler eating the food with interest.

Make it a habit of giving proper lunch and dinner to your child and ensure that he doesn’t skip his meal times. There will be days, when your kid won’t be interested in eating anything then don’t force-feed him. You can ensure that his nutrient requirements are met by giving him nutritious drinks. I struggled to make my child eat. He is now two and a half years old now but when he was 1-year-old, he was fully depended on formula milk. Whatever I tried to feed him, he didn’t eat.

I started with cereals but he didn’t like the taste. Then I started giving him fruits like boiled apples,banana, kiwi, etc. He ate fruits with delight but I realised that I should give him some more time to get used to solid foods. Gradually, I started giving him dal in the morning and at night. Then I converted his diet into a normal person’s diet, i.e., I gave him chapati with sabzi or daal etc.

You shouldn’t worry if your child doesn’t like to eat food. Babies take time to adjust to the taste of different foods so give them some time. Be patient with your little one and understand what he likes. Another important tip that I want to share with you is that kids like to eat chatpata khana, so whatever you cook to make it tasty so that they look forward to their mealtimes. My son also started eating food which he never ate like cereals. Have some patience, your kid will also start to eat.

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