How to Deal With Postpartum Depression

How to Deal With Postpartum Depression

Pregnancy is a life-changing experience and this experience is different for every individual. This write-up about the phase which first-time moms go through post their delivery and how husbands should understand what their wives go through. During the postpartum phase, a new mother has mood swings. Some new moms may also experience postpartum depression. The reasons can be many like hormonal changes, sudden changes in physical appearance, or due to some family issues.

Whatever be the reason, a new mother should not lose hope and try her best to come out of that state. If the mother is depressed, her baby will be affected too. From my personal experience, I feel only two people can help a woman or a new mother overcome depression – her husband and she herself! The role of a husband or a new father cannot be undermined. His complete support is required so that his wife doesn’t lose her hope and moves ahead in life.

Nobody can help us unless and until we help ourselves. So the best way to come out of depression is to engage yourself in the things you like to do. If you feel depressed, you should make time for your hobbies or indulge in some activities of your choice like reading books or watching inspiring videos.

A husband should support his wife to make sure that she lives her life completely. A wife does not expect her husband’s physical presence all the time but she will need moral support in all situations. Just make sure that at least first 3 months, you give your wife everything she needs, i.e., your love, your support, your care, and your time. Leaving everything aside including family, friends and just keeping one thing in your mind, “My wife is my first priority at this moment”.

Talk to her to know what does she think, how does she feel, what would make her comfortable, what is it that she actually needs and just do it for love of your life because she is the one who has given you your bundle of joy and an opportunity to be a father.

God gives life to every individual but it is a woman who brings this little life into this world. So acknowledge her pain and support her as much as you can.

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