Sharing the Joyous Journey of the Initial Days of Baby's Arrival At Home

Sharing the Joyous Journey of the Initial Days of Baby’s Arrival At Home

A baby’s arrival is a delightful experience for the parents and the whole family. Everyone is excited about the baby’s home coming. When I stepped into my home with a baby in my arms, there were lots of decorations, and I couldn’t express how happy I was.

One thing I noticed about my baby was his tiny movements and his adorable bright eyes – I couldn’t take my eyes off him. Everything was going smooth till this time, and the toughest time came, when the baby started crying. I would like to share my experience about his first cries, which might be helpful to you.

I underwent a C-section, and we were discharged the second day post-delivery. Since the baby and I were new to each other, I couldn’t understand his behaviour. He was crying vigorously. I was worried about his first cry, and to my surprise, the solution was very simple!

In the hospital, the baby was fed a little amount of milk, and that was sufficient for him, but within a day, his hunger increased rapidly. I came to know that the reason behind his crying was nothing but “HUNGER”.

Now, there is a simple solution to the problem, but believe me, when it comes to practical action, we tend to panic. Moreover, because of the lockdown, we had to ring up our doctors in the late night. So, new moms, you may face this kind of situation as soon as your baby is on board. Do remember that when the baby cries, the amount of milk which is fed in the hospital will not be sufficient. Your baby’s hunger grows rapidly within a day initially. Feed him as much as he demands!

One tip about the diaper: initially, I didn’t knew that diaper rash cream has to be used every time while changing. I thought that only when a rash is observed, I need to apply it, but I was wrong. Application of rash cream for every diaper change is the most important thing.

Clothes also play a major role, because the baby feels comfortable if his clothes are soft. Avoid using worn clothes, as they may cause infection. Always buy new clothes in advance for your new born.

I found thar swaddling a baby makes him feel safe and secure, as we take him in our arms closer, he will feel the warmth. Swaddle blankets also play a major role in making a baby comfortable, and for his hassle-free sleep.

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