My New Rain Boot Story and a Lesson on Humanity

My New Rain Boot Story and a Lesson on Humanity

“370-80-90 oh my god finally it is 400 now!” 12-year-old Chavvi jumped with excitement. From the last 4 months, she had been saving her pocket money for buying new rain shoes as she loved to dance in the rain, but her parents found it a sheer waste of money. Her mother said that material things could only make you happy; we should try to give happiness to others, then you get a real sense of inner joy. But she didn’t listen. Her stuck to her decision. That’s why she decided to buy the shoes on her own.

Now, that day had come, but when she was about to leave for the market, a heavy thunderstorm started and her mom told her to wait until the rain stopped. While she was waiting, she saw two kids right in front of her house. They were wearing torn clothes and trembling in the rain. They were using a cardboard box as a shed which was hardly enough for sheltering them from the rain. Chavvi felt pity for them as they didn’t have even an umbrella in such rainy weather.

After a while, the rain stopped, and Chavvi’s mother took her to the market. Surprisingly she didn’t buy new shoes for her. She actually took her mother’s advice seriously and bought two umbrellas for those little kids. Finally, she felt a real sense of happiness after she saw the joy on the kids’ faces on receiving the umbrellas. We should also teach our kids humanity is every human’s religion, and we should contribute to making others’ lives better and happier. This is the story of my childhood, and the lesson learned from that incident is priceless. I will also teach my daughter moral values and the importance of humanity in our life.

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