Build up Your Baby's Immunity As Only a Mother Can. Breastfeed!

Build up Your Baby’s Immunity As Only a Mother Can. Breastfeed!

Breastfeeding is hard! Let me begin by just stating this. And barring reasons when it’s medically difficult, any mother is capable of nourishing her young one.

Let’s begin the journey right from the onset.

Ideally, the baby should be roomed-in with the mother immediately after birth and get the pre-milk secretions that are loaded with nutrients and disease-preventing antidotes. However, it’s a sad reality that many established medical facilities prefer to just thrust their promoted formula brand, especially so in cases of a cesarian birth. This is literally robbing the newborn and the mother of their privilege and right. The stress of hearing your newborn cry in hunger or feeling helpless when the bottle makes an entry is overwhelming. All this when the mother’s body works full time to provide food to the newborn!

Before you finalize your maternity arrangements, ensure that you establish with your caretakers that no artificial formula should be introduced without your consent. Keep it as a make or break clause while zoning in on your chosen birthing facility.

Once at home with the newborn, take your time. Work towards the comfortable latch. Tune in to your baby’s needs and offer a feed as often as required. Surprisingly, not all traditional elderly ladies know much about breastfeeding. Don’t give in. Not everyone gets abundant supply from day one. Stick to your routine – stay close to your baby, offer a feed and take a rich, balanced diet. Over the course of weeks, things should settle down. Do not bow down to the stigma and stuffiness of hearsay. No, you cannot overfeed the baby! No, you are not spoiling her either! With a feeding cover, you can practically feed everywhere that allows comfortable seating. If required, explore breast pumps – manual/electric or sample the breast shields. These are practical gadgets to get you started onto the wonderful journey of breastfeeding. Your maternity facility should also be able to connect you to an able lactation consultant should you need one.
Remember, there’s a first time for everyone and everything. But the feeling of providing the best for your baby is priceless!

Very soon, breastfeeding would become second nature. Are you stepping out with baby in tow? No worries. No annoyance of bottles, formula and other paraphernalia. You have what the baby needs. Always enough, at the required time and at the right temperature!

Enjoy the feeling of building up the baby’s immunity the way nature intended! Stay safe and don’t forget to snuggle with your bundle of joy in these difficult times.

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