The Magical Feeling of Breastfeeding

The Magical Feeling of Breastfeeding

When I was single, I always used to wonder about breastfeeding. But the moment Kiara was born, I didn’t hesitate to feed her. Although at the very moment, your body won’t produce milk, rather it produces a liquid. The milk produced by your breasts right after your baby’s birth is called colostrum. This thick, sticky breast milk is often referred to as ‘liquid gold’, not just because of its yellow or orangey colour, but because it’s so important for nourishing and protecting your vulnerable newborn.
Although I was worried that my body is not producing enough milk, my gynaecologist reassured me, that the more my baby will drink, the more I will produce. Since then till she turned 2.5 years, I was breastfeeding her. Sometimes my breasts were too sore because I was almost leaking, and I had to use breast pads, which were a saviour for me at that time. You know what, I sometimes miss it now, she is 2.9 years old now and calls herself a big girl. But believe me, breastfeeding was magical for both of us. My breasts have regained the shape they were before my pregnancy, and for that, I am glad. So mommies, do breastfeed your baby. It’s important for both of you. Your kid will get the nourishment, and she/he will hardly fall sick.

My little girl falls sick every month now; sometimes, she gets a fever or a common cold. She never fell sick when I was breastfeeding her. So I am saying this from my experience that breastfeeding is amazing.

If you’re a working mother, you don’t need to worry. You can pump your milk and store it for 24-48 hours. Avoid giving cow milk to your kid before he/she is over 2 years old. You can also check with a paediatrician they will never recommend bottled milk.

Here are some pros and cons of breastfeeding:

Pros (for your baby)

  1. Breastmilk provides the right nourishment for your baby.
  2. It gives them stronger immunity.
  3. Easy to digest for the baby.
  4. Your body has an unlimited supply of breastmilk.
  5. Allows the creation of a special bond between you and the baby.

Cons(for the mother)

  1. Sleepless Nights- You will have many sleepless nights as you have to wake up every time your kid is hungry.
  1. Sore Breasts- When you’re producing a lot of milk, and your kid is not drinking enough, you will experience in your breasts.
  1. Leakage- Your breasts will leak, and your bra will smell like a curd factory. To avoid that you can get disposable breast pads.
  1. The Shape of Your Boobs- One will be smaller than the other if you will keep feeding the baby from one boob, so avoid doing that.

Apart from this, breastfeeding is easy and magical. Once your kid starts the weaning process, after two-three months, your breasts will come back to its original shape. So good luck, ladies, I hope I didn’t scare you too much. Much love, and may God bless you all.

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