Tips For a Healthy Pregnancy

Tips For a Healthy Pregnancy

“Positive vibes only.” This is the first thing everyone says once you are pregnant. Good thoughts give good vibes to the baby’s development. But it’s just not her inner thoughts, it’s the environment as well.

Pregnancy is the most crucial period in a woman’s life. Once a woman is pregnant, she gets to fly in her imagination— countless dreams, not just about her unborn child, but also about her nine months journey. We as women want to keep each moment memorable, especially when we are about to welcome a newborn. But is it possible in every house? Definitely not! It is really sad that sometimes our own family members don’t care about special moments. Talking to the pregnant woman, caring for her, giving her healthy food is important during these nine months.

It is said that the baby can listen and understand her mother’s feelings inside the womb. But during pregnancy, if the spouse is rude, and harasses the mother physically or mentally, these things can affect that unborn baby’s mental and physical development. It doesn’t end there; once the baby is born, she may have a depressed state of mind till the end of her life.

Women also suffer from depression, during pregnancy and post-pregnancy, which can affect her long term. The depression can make her feel lonely and suicidal even after the baby is born. Hence its really important to take care of the mother during the nine months of pregnancy. It is important for the mother to be physically and mentally healthy as her well being has a direct impact on the unborn baby’s health.

Here are some tips to have a healthy and peaceful pregnancy.

  • A healthy routine for sleeping and eating is very important during pregnancy.
  • Working out during your pregnancy can be really helpful, but make sure you get advice from your gynecologist about exercise.
  • The more you eat right and remain fit, you can avoid mood swings and crankiness.
  • Take supplements and vitamins that are recommended by your doctor.
  • Avoid caffeine, alcohol. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Consume more milk, stay hydrated with fresh liquids.
  • Stay away from thoughts, people, and environments that are negative.
  • Practice yoga and meditation if your doctor recommends it.

I hope these tips are helpful and I hope you have a healthy pregnancy.

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