Post-Natal Care for Mothers - An Important Step Towards A Healthy You

Post-Natal Care for Mothers – An Important Step Towards A Healthy You

Whenever we hear our grandmas’ tales of post-natal care or any kind of midwives’ tales, we often overlook or ignore it, believing that the times have changed and that such tales don’t require any attention. The modern women of today believe that being on the run is the new in. To take rest or not to be part of any social activity seems to be taboo. But, reality is different. It is important to adhere to post-natal care for mothers, so as to make them stronger and more confident regarding their health in the future.

Here I list some important post-natal tips and ways that a new mother can follow, to ensure her as well as her baby’s good health. Firstly, a new mom has had a normal delivery or a C-section, both require her to take good amount of rest. Sleep deprivation is the most common problem post delivery. Grabbing sleep when the baby is asleep is one way to get some rest. As new moms, we are learning the art of breastfeeding, nappy changing, etc. Within this routine, every mom must make it a point to get good amount of sleep. Sleep affects us mentally and also the amount of milk supply.

Other things include eating a healthy, well-balanced diet. Some people advice, don’t eat this or that, it will affect your baby, it may affect you, etc. But it’s not always true. My paediatrician had written in bold letters on my file – mothers can eat anything and everything as long as it’s hygienic. A mother’s diet must include all vegetables, fruits and nuts. Meal can be cooked in ghee. Also, making a jaggery raab, a drink made from jaggery and wheat flour, is a good option to increase immunity. Another option is soup, be it tomato, vegetable or chicken soup – it must be included in your diet. Grandmas also prepare laddoos by mixing dry fruits, ginger powder, jaggery and flour. Milk made with rava or selimona and loaded with dry fruits and a little satavri powder can be consumed to ensure a good milk supply. Dry dates can be crushed and added to milk. Dry coconut powder also enhances milk flow. Weight issues should not be considered while we’re breastfeeding, because a good diet will ensure adequate milk supply.

Besides a healthy diet, a post-natal massage is also a good option. You can opt for coconut, olive, almond, or mix herbs oil for the massage. Mothers opt for at least a month’s massage on a regular basis. It relaxes our muscles, enhances milk flow and also provides pain relief while promoting good sleep. Applying hair oil also helps, as hair fall is a common problem post birth. Mothers with a C-section require more rest. Taking care of stitches and timely medications should be continued. Back rest while breastfeeding must be taken care of. Calcium and iron tablets are also compulsory for all mothers. It can be taken as advise from our doctors. After a C-section, a follow up with the doctor is required as and when necessary.

Self-care is love for ourselves! Only if we love and take care of ourselves, we can take care of our babies. The journey after the infancy period is quite challenging and exhausting; we have to be on our toes constantly. Therefore, post-natal care is an important phase of our journey. Our bodies rebuild in this period, and only we can help it in this process.

To sum up, I will say, we should stop to smell the roses on our way. Its fragrance will continue to enchant our lives further. Happy self care to all the mothers out there! See you on the other side!

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