11 Tips Can Help You to Start Your Baby's First Food!

11 Tips Can Help You to Start Your Baby’s First Food!

Congratulations!!! You, along with your baby, achieved the first milestone successfully!!

The infant is now ready to be breastfed!! Along with breastfeeding, you must start eating other foods. Breastfeeding is equally crucial. When we become mothers for the first time, we become incredibly curious. For each of our questions, the individuals around you have far too many responses. This only adds to our confusion. In the previous six months, you might have encountered the same situation. But you are now fairly familiar with your child. By now, you may have established a routine for your child. If not, start with that since it can easily manage the baby’s sleep and appetite, which are the two most crucial elements. It’s essential to have a healthy pregnancy and baby!

Here are some tips to help start a baby’s solid food after the 6th month. I hope it will help mommies to clear many doubts.

1. The baby still gets hungry every two hours, so the mother’s milk and supplementary food can be given alternately.

2. Create a diet chart that is best suited for your kid, considering that each infant has a unique digestive system, health conditions, and other physical variables.

3. Start with 2 or 3 spoonfuls of soft foods at the 6th month.

4. When trying any food for the first time for your baby, feed it in small quantities. Make sure the baby easily digests the food. If you observe any rash, red patches, or other notable changes in the baby’s skin or loose motion after introducing the new food, consult a paediatrician. If not, then you can include those foods in the diet. 

5. Give any food in liquid form and soft as the baby has not got teeth yet. Fruits like apples and pears should be boiled and pureed. Vegetables like spinach and carrot can be cooked and made into soup. You can give boiled and mashed potatoes.

6. Start giving water to your baby from the 6th month. At the start, give 2-3 tablespoons slowly after every meal. Then increase the quantity gradually as per the baby’s need. Water must be boiled and cooled down. If it’s winter, give warm water. 

7. Different types of porridge are good food for babies after the 6th month. Also, it’s an easy and quick recipe. You can use Jaggery instead of sugar for a sweet taste.

8. In porridge, add almond and cardamom powders that taste better, and dry fruits help the baby’s weight gain.

9. You can add a teaspoon of pure homemade ghee to every meal.

10. Children are fed with a silver bowl and a spoon. When the food is ready, take it out of the bowl and keep it till it becomes warm. This will give the benefits of silver to the baby.

11. Last but not least is maintaining proper hygiene while feeding the baby. Wash your hands properly before making food and feeding the baby. Sterilize the baby’s utensils and keep them separate from other utensils. Prefer steel utensils for babies.

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