How to Travel with Your Baby for the First Time?

How to Travel with Your Baby for the First Time?

It’s always scary for new moms to travel with their newborn baby and it was the same for me. But luckily I discovered that traveling could be much more fun with a baby. If all the preparations are done right and well in advance, there’s nothing you’ll have to panic about.

Here are a few guidelines to help you stay sane throughout the journey with your baby ?

Write Down All the Things That Your Baby Usually Requires

 Feeders, sippy cups, soothers, formula cans, ready-made purées, infant biscuits, hot water, cereal cans, diapers, wipes, extra set of baby clothes, extra set of clothes for your self, baby paracetamol, anti-allergic medicine for the baby, baby’s usual medicines, baby carrier, stroller and tissues or napkins (loads and loads).

How Much to Carry Depends Entirely on Your Baby

 It’s usually advisable to travel only after the baby has completed 5 months.

How to Set Baby Bag for the Long Journey?

 Get a backpack, NOT a diaper bag. Trust me, you’ll thank me for this advice.
Why? Because backpacks are easier to carry and stay on your back while you can carry your baby comfortably in front without any hustle that diaper bags would create.

What Goes Inside the Bag?

I am giving the details for a 6-9 hour journey. 
  • A small packet of diapers or 20/40 diapers. If your baby poos or pees very frequently, keep many more
  • A small can of formula milk ( if your baby is formula-fed)
  • 6 feeders (again if baby is on formula)
  • A small can of cereal if your baby has started solids
  • Munchies like infant biscuits
  • Ready-made purées
  • Baby paracetamol
  • Baby anti-allergic medication
  • Baby wipes
  • Tissues
  • 2 litres thermos flask for hot water
  • A bottle of room-temperature water
  • Pacifier
  • A set of clothes
  • Changing mat
Once you cross out all the things on this list, you’re almost close to being ready for a relaxing and hustle-free travel.

What Goes Inside the Luggage?

 Carry loads and loads of comfortable clothes for the baby. Because howmuchever we have is less. So get atleast 50-60 pairs of clothing for the baby, the rest you can always mix and match to create a stylish baby. ?
Get a size bigger than your baby usually wears because babies grow super-fast and if you’re packing a month or two in advance, buy clothes according to your baby’s growth pattern.
Arrange and keep all the pairs of clothes in a big sealable plastic. In this way, your luggage will seem more organized and it’ll be easier for you to pull out clothes for your baby.
Keep all the bibs, shoes, socks and headbands for you baby in a specific pouch so that they don’t get mixed up and you get them in time. Organize the rest of your luggage in similar sealable plastic to avoid a messy and crowded bag.

Food for the Baby

Carry huge-sized cans and cartons of all your baby food. How much to buy entirely depends on your baby’s consumption.
Carry enough packets of diapers if they’re not available at the place of your destination.
Carry all your baby’s medical files and medicines.
Keep the medicines in a specific bag so that it’s easier to find.
Never forget medication for loose stools and fever.
I hope this helps you all to a great extent let me know if I missed anything out.
Happy and safe journey to all the new parents out there ♥️♥️
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