Tips for Maternal Care Post Delivery

Tips for Maternal Care Post Delivery

After the initial buzz of a safe and healthy delivery settles down comes the most vivid and memorable days of motherhood. The moment the baby is out of the hospital, the new mother is at her wit’s end. Whatever instructions/guidance were provided at the hospital seems outdated. The baby will give you ‘Out of Syllabus’ questions every minute.
The timely food and medicine at the hospital are missed the most. If there is an elderly help at home who has handled babies a lot, then fine, else trust your instincts. Some points which require great importance are as follows:

1. Feeding

The doctor might have advised feeding every 2-2.5 hrs. Don’t panic if the baby is not feeding or waking up to feed. Feed the child as and when he/she cries or count the number of pees (usually 2) which will give you an idea of the gap.

2. Sleep

Although people will advise you to sleep when the baby sleeps, practically it’s impossible. Still, take rest and don’t stress over household chores. Take help from your spouse/relatives/friends.

3. Medicine

Do take your medicines religiously. Painkillers will help you survive the pain. Plus your body needs iron and calcium at this stage.

4. Food

Eat! Eat! Eat! Not just anything but normal homecooked food. Spices help in healing faster, so no need to cut them off from your palate, but again use them in moderation.

5. Hygiene

Do maintain basic hygiene. Change clothes if the baby poops/pees. Washing hands before feeding and after cleaning/washing is absolutely necessary. Clothing should be comfortable and inner garments should be 2 sizes bigger to facilitate feeding. Clean and dry your stitches as advised by the doctor and be in touch with the doctor if any itching/swelling appears near the stitches.

6. Water Intake

Drink plenty of water. Breastfeeding becomes easier with proper water intake. Keeping yourself hydrated helps in getting well soon.

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