Family Bonding- Family's Role for a Woman during Prenatal and Postnatal

Family Bonding- Family’s Role for a Woman during Prenatal and Postnatal

Hello all, here I am describing prenatal and postnatal family bonding,
1. During prenatal and postnatal pregnancy, family plays a prominent role.
2. Family support is a must to a pregnant lady because that healthy impact on a pregnant lady conceives a healthy baby.
3. Family bonding should be both mentally and physically.
4. Prenatal and postnatal pregnant woman goes under severe stress without her knowledge.
5. The family has to take care of her, by eradicating all the stress.
6. Here family means both maternal and paternal bonding, firstly comes husband’s understanding.
7. Each and every prenatal and postnatal pregnant woman builds some gap unknowingly, at that time family has to cover that gap in a positive way.
8. Women, please be strong and ask for what you need. Sometimes without expressing, no miracles happen, so just ask.
9. The husband should show love and support to the lady in each and every aspect.
10. Maternal family has to take extreme care of their daughter-in-law because she is giving or has given you a bundle of joy.
11. The paternal family should understand each and every need of prenatal or postnatal daughter-in-law.
12. Family should encourage and impact the woman in positive ways.
13. Prenatal and postnatal, a woman has to develop strength and should be strong always.
14. A healthy support of a family builds strength in a pregnant lady.
15. A positive lifestyle achieves positive outcomes.
16. Family understanding and support can overcome postnatal depression.
17. Most women goes under postnatal depression and feel shy to express and they suffer without expressing.
18. Family has to bring them out from that depression by reducing the gap between the lady and the family.
19. Husband has to treat her lady like a small kid because she is carrying or has conceived your apple of your eye.
20. Finally concluding, a happy family leads ta o positive, healthy and happy baby and mommy. ???

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