Signs This Fight is Not a Serious Fight with Husband

Dirty Dishes and 5 Other Non-Fights With Hubby

Fighting over the TV remote once again, are you? Not so serious fights between husband and wife (read non-fights) regarding anything from washing dishes, dropping kids at school, to cleaning the washroom after a shower are no big deal and a total no-brainer! Just smile and let such fights pass.

As a couple, you’re liable to fight over the most inane things once in awhile. While serious fights do leave you worried and make you question your relationship, there are other tiffs that rate as ‘non-fights’. Does your fight with hubby need damage control or just a funny nose twitch?

The 5 Non-Fights with your Partner you should Totally Ignore

1. When you end up arguing on the same lines

Misinterpretations often lead to baseless arguments that seem to carry on forever. If you happen to get involved in one, then look for signs that this fight is not a real fight with your husband. For instance, you’re discussing why it’s essential to wait for the apt time to have a baby. This has somehow been misinterpreted as saying that you wouldn’t like to get pregnant ever. Somewhere, both you and your husband divert from the topic in hand, end up screaming yourself hoarse, and find yourself retiring in different corners. Take a step back, rewind the conversation and make amends by clarifying the intent.

2. Ego or mere stubbornness?

Marriage is all about two people living together with their egos safely kept on the back burner. However, confrontations may arise for simple things. The only reason why your man would hate doing as told is because you instructed him to do so. Then there’ll be episodes of yelling and glasses breaking. Fights such as these lose out on their steam very soon so chill!

Ego or mere stubbornness

3. Understand how silly you may have sounded

The triggers for certain fights could be really small. From who changes the baby’s diapers to the electricity bill not being paid in time, a minor thing can create a big fight. You realize how dumb you may have sounded when you happen to see other couples having similar non-fights. Just try listening to yourself for once and make amends right away.

4. Either or one is high

This is, undoubtedly, one of the most common reasons behind not-so-serious fights. Either both or one of you have had a drink too many and have little or no clue about you’re talking about. Just never take these alcohol-induced fights seriously. All will be good once clarity reigns.

5. Prove yourself right

There are times when you’re in the wrong but still want to stick to your point to keep your ego from getting hurt. Why should he have the last word, you know? But then, do you actually care about what you’re mad about? Admit defeat and take a step back. It really is okay!

Most non-fights between a couple end as soon as they start and leave plenty of chuckles behind. The results can be wonderful (and often see you cosying in bed). Everyone agrees that makeup sex can be fabulous!

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