Oedema Swelling during Pregnancy - Causes and Relief

Oedema Swelling during Pregnancy – Causes and Relief

Pregnancy is a boon to women. God has blessed us with immense strength and courage to carry a human life inside us. Motherhood is surely the best experience a woman can have. Dealing with all unwanted symptoms and body changes, a woman forgets everything she went through when she holds her baby in her arms.  A famous saying goes, “No pain, no gain” which is very true. All women suffer a lot during pregnancy but for their ultimate joy, their baby. Pregnancy can make you super excited at times as well as very disappointed or frustrated due to unwanted hormonal changes and mood swings. If you were very light on your feet before being pregnant, pregnancy can make you feel heavier. This is because of extra body fluids sinking to your feet especially if you spend a lot of time on your feet.

What Causes Oedema?

All women suffer from Oedema during the 5th month which increases in the 3rd trimester. Swelling in the feet and ankles is caused due to extra fluids in the body and pressure from the growing uterus. This could be very bothersome for women but you get used to it as your pregnancy progresses.

What to Do for Relief?

For some relief, prop up your feet while sitting and avoid crossing your legs.  Avoid standing for too long. A swollen foot is not harmful for you but it can make you very uncomfortable. Usually, swelling in the feet and ankles goes away by time as you deliver your baby.

In nutshell, pregnancy body changes take time to go away after delivery. I guess that is why in India when you get pregnant, it is said: “Paon bhari hai” which means “You have heavy feet.” Stay happy and enjoy every bit of being a mother.

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