Pregnancy During the COVID 19 Pandemic - Here's What You Need to Know

Pregnancy During the COVID 19 Pandemic – Here’s What You Need to Know

Pregnancy and giving birth is a wonderful feeling & journey to remember. However, during COVID 19, there is an element of stress & anxiety in expecting mothers. This is quite natural when new cases are increasing day by day. But they should always keep in mind the fact that they are at no greater risk of becoming seriously unwell as compared to other healthy individuals.
The majority of pregnant women, if at all COVID positive, will experience only mild to moderate cold/flu-like symptoms. Cough, fever, shortness of breath, headache, loss or change of sense of smell or taste are the other relevant symptoms. However, there is nothing to panic in this situation.

Individuals should remain calm & composed as the symptoms will regress on its own in due time of 5- 6 days or by symptomatic management. Adequate rest, plenty of fluids, nutritious food, multivitamin supplements (but in the limit) should be given due importance.
If the symptoms aren’t improving or getting worse, one should immediately contact her maternity care team or GP (general practitioner).
Some studies have found that the majority of women who became severely ill were in their third trimester. This emphasises the importance of social distancing from 28 weeks onwards. Pregnant women over 35 years, overweight/ obese & those with pre-existing medical problems such as diabetes & blood pressure were at a higher risk of developing the illness.

Measures to reduce the risk of catching the Coronavirus infection:

  1. Wash hands regularly
  2. Use sanitisers when handwashing is not possible
  3. Avoid contact with known positive cases & someone displaying coronavirus symptoms
  4. Avoid public transport when possible
  5. Work from home, if possible
  6. Avoid gatherings (big & small)

To sum it up-

  • Expectant mothers should remain happy.
  • ANC visits should be curtailed but not stopped.
  • When necessary, the visit should be done but keeping in mind the norms of social distancing and the use of masks.
  • If telemedicine services are present, avail them.

Best wishes to all the expecting moms. Stay safe, stay healthy.

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