Here's How You Can Teach Your Kids to Share

Teach your kids joy of sharing

Usually kids fight with each other because they don’t want to share their stuff with others. We as parents always tell and teach them that sharing is caring.These are some simple tips I follow to teach my child how to share.

In my childhood,I remember my mom used to give me chocolates and tell me to share with all our family members before I eat any.Today sharing comes naturally to me and I experience the joy of giving.

Today we as parents giving same chocolates and toys to both our kids and tell them “Tum apna khao,Tum apna khelo”,Jhagda mat karo”.Are we teaching them habit of sharing?

Here, we are not teaching peace but teaching them how to think selfishly. Kids begin to use words like “My chocolates,My toys,My life,My choice”.

Importance of Teaching Kids the Habit of Sharing 

Learning to share is an important life skills that every child must learn. It’s something that kids need to learn so that they can make friends and play together.It is important that as a parent you teach your kids basics of sharing right from tender age.

Teach kids about compromise.They should learn that if we give to others we will also get some what we want.once your child start going to childcare,pre-school or kindergarten he or she will need to be able to share with others.

Tips for Teaching your Kids How to Share

1. Be a role model

Best way for your child to learn generosity is to witness it. So, share your special things with him he will also learn to share with you.

2. Make it fun

Play games in which he has to play together with others. By saying “My turn,Your turn” kid will learn habit of sharing his toys and other belongings.

3. Praise your child

Use encouraging words when he shares As parents we should get into a habit of praising our children when they are behaving well instead of criticising them when they aren’t.

4. Create an environment 

When you start teaching sharing, it is important to realise that you can’t teach him forcefully.Instead work to create an environment of sharing in order to encourage habit of sharing 

5. Talk to your child

Help your child to express emotions that relate to sharing.If your child is snatching or holding something back make him realise how his friend might be feeling.Tell your child how happy his friend would be if you share toy with him and play together.

6. Make It a game

Let’s teach our kids habit of sharing in fun manner. Give her some biscuits and tell her to share them with everyone in room.This will help your kid to learn value of sharing.

These are simple tips to teach your kids joy of sharing which I as a mommy also follow. Don’t always force your child to share.Just teach him by example.

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