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PlayDoh Maximises Fun & Learning for My Child

Play-Doh is great for children, I remember playing with it when we were kids! It helps children explore with their imagination while developing both gross & fine motor skills. As a mother I am always on a lookout for toys that are safe , fun and educational. Play-Doh ticks all the boxes. It is non-toxic, recyclable, colorful, educational all in one! The fact that it is primarily made up of water, flour and salt is just great!

Play-Doh has these amazing product lines like Numbers & Counting, Colors & Shapes, Letters & Language, etc. that help the child learn while they play . The one we have is Colors and Shapes, it helps my son learn and play with shapes while learning their names and identifying colors. Best thing is they come with a together time guide, which helps you understand how you as a parent can get the best out of the product and have the maximum fun possible. Sometimes as parents we get stuck on what to play next, by having this together time guide it is easy to play a new game every time!

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are the personal views of the Blogger. The Blogger is a Mom of a 3 and-a-half Yr old & is an active user of FirstCry Parenting.

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