How to Take Care of Your ADHD Child and How to Cope With It

Hello friends, I am a mother of two beautiful daughters and I want to share one very crucial phase of my life which my elder daughter and I are still fighting with. It was one day when I found out that my daughter behaves very differently and she is not the same person with whom I was staying from the last 5 years. My baby changed, she became very hyperactive and she was not ready to do her basic work, not ready to listen to anything. She started avoiding me and her father, stopped respecting us and we were shocked because she was never like this and I became frustrated because I already had another newborn baby with me and I was unable to handle this situation. I thought it was just a temporary change because of the arrival of another child but I was totally wrong. It was not that easy so then I took help of my baby paediatrician and told him everything about my daughter and guess what, he told me that my daughter is an ADHD child and it’s a situation, not a disease, but it’s a serious issue. My doctor prescribed her with some medication and some home remedies. He told me this type of children crave for only attention and love, otherwise, they feel vulnerable and lonely. They are little weak as compared to their peers but they definitely cope up with this situation and believe me my daughter is feeling better since the consultation and I am with her in each phase of her life. She is just a 6-year-old child and I hope we will make her come out of this problem because she is a fighter and she is my daughter. I wrote this story because many of us don’t even recognize the symptoms of ADHD  and we just take it as mischievous behaviour of our children but if your child is more unattentive, gets easily bored or can’t sit still on his seat for a long time then there may be chances that the child is ADHD. This story is an informative piece and my personal experience of having an ADHD child. Hope you people like my story and thanks for giving your time to read it out.

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