What Not To Say To Your Kids

6 Things your Child Shouldn’t Hear From you!

Children pick up words and phrases that they aren’t supposed to. This could be courtesy – you! Wondering what not to say to your child? Well, something unflattering or negative that could affect their confidence while growing up!

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If you’re prone to making negative remarks about your kids, refrain from it. They don’t need their parents telling them how bad they’ve been. Instead, explain things to them in a positive way.

6 Things Not to Say to Your Child

1. “You’re an idiot”

Ouch! This sentence could damage any kid’s confidence. Yes, your little one may be a little slow on the uptake but it doesn’t merit a sentence so harsh. Take the time to explain things to him without going off the handle immediately.

2. “NO!”

A resounding ‘No’ can really get hurt your little one’s feelings. If you keep making negative comments, your kid will lose confidence. If you don’t approve of a certain action, tell them how you feel about it in a positive manner. Give them options before you say a no.

3. “Go away, not now!”

All kids deserve attention. Make the time to hear your kid out when he has a query or a problem. If it’s something that is bothering him, hearing the little one out can do him a world of good. A mom who gives her kids a patient hearing will always be able to solve his or problems.

4. “Why can’t you be like your brother?”

It is never a good idea to compare one sibling with the other. Accepting both kids, flaws and all, is vital for a healthy upbringing. Appreciate both kids for their individual qualities. When they are chastised separately, it doesn’t affect them psychologically.

5. “Let Dad come back…”

“Daddy will come home and take you to task.” While it may instil fear in him, it’ll reduce your authority. There could come a time where he would not even heed the warnings you give. Using dad as a threat could be quite ineffective when he is out on a business trip. During this time, you may not get your kid to even listen to you. Therefore, it’s best for the little one to know who the boss is from the get-go. Dad can be used as a secondary threat.

6. “Why did I get a kid like you?”

All parents have trouble with their kids when they are just learning how to walk and talk. If your kid is misbehaving, don’t come down on him badly. This is because his behaviour could be a reflection of the environment he is growing up in. Change how you interact with your husband and others living in the house. Order brings order. This is definitely one of the things not to say to your kids.

As a mom, your job would be to nurture and care for your child. Give them the confidence they need to face any challenge life throws at them. Low morale or negative words could chip at their confidence. Watch what you speak around your kids, ladies!

Is there any phrase that you avoid saying to your child? Why? Tell us in the comments and let’s help each other become better parents!

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