Weird and Unethical Reasons to Have Kids

Why These 5 Reasons for Having a Baby Are Bad

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Having a baby is as much rewarding as it is demanding! One thing is sure that it is an irreversible event. It’s not something you can back out of at a later date. While deciding whether to have a baby or not, make sure you’re not picking wrong reasons for having children such as parental pressure or to fix a bad marriage!

A baby is a precious gift you bring into this world to care and love. People have babies for a lot of different reasons, both good and bad. Be sure that if you want to have one of your own, it should be in agreement with both you and your partner. Sadly for some women, outside factors as silly as nagging neighbours can push them to have a child. These wrong reasons can lead to resentment in life that can scar a child emotionally. Here’s a look at a few pointers worth considering.

5 Poor Reasons to Have Kids

1. To Save Your Marriage

Having a baby when your marriage is already on the rocks is more likely to strain your relationship than repair it. Having a baby is a beautiful experience but child-rearing can take a toll on even the strongest of relationships. Your bond will grow stronger after having a baby only if your relationship is rock-solid in the first place.

2. Nagging Friends and Relatives

Having a baby should just be the decision of you and your partner. You should have a baby when ‘you’ are ready for it, and not because your parents want a grandchild or your friends think it’s high time you have one. Ultimately, it’s you who has to bring up the baby, and not your friends and relatives. It’s best not to get influenced when making this huge decision.

Nagging friends and relatives

3. Your Biological Clock is Ticking Away

While your body may be physically ready to have a baby, you may not be ready for such a big responsibility, both mentally and emotionally. Don’t rush into this decision only because you’re told “time” is running out and you may not be able to have kids later. Science has advanced and there isn’t a way your clock will run its baby-making course so easily.

4. All Your Friends Have Them

While your friends of similar age or younger may have started their families, it’s not necessary for you to want the same thing as them. Don’t drive yourself to have a baby just because you feel left out socially. It’s wise to wait and have a baby when you’re ready for one.

5. To Get Your Partner to Commit

You’ve been waiting for your partner to commit, but it’s just not happening. Having a baby to coerce him into a commitment is not a good reason to have a child. There is no guarantee that he’ll commit and, even if he does, he’s doing it for the baby and not because he’s truly committed to you. This is not the basis for a deep relationship.

Having children is an irreversible decision and a huge commitment. There are plenty of wrong reasons to have children such as family pressure, peer pressure, the fear of being alone in your old age or to save a failing relationship. Don’t succumb to the wrong reasons. It’s better to wait till you’re ready for this beautiful responsibility.

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