Take a Break, Go on a Holiday!A Holiday Guide for a Mommy.

Take a Break, Go on a Holiday!A Holiday Guide for a Mommy.

Are you planning for a holiday this New Year?

Holidays are fun, a chance to bond, a time to relax and spend precious time and make happy memories. With a new member in the family, we need to make sure to follow these tips for a happy and joyful trip.

1. Baby carriers

Yes, you will need a baby carrier during travelling. Make sure it’s lightweight, foldable and comfortable for your baby. It’s easy to carry and provides the highest level of long-wearing comfort for both you and your baby. Do not invest too much in a heavy carrier, as they are heavy and difficult to handle while travelling.

2. Diapering and essentials

Don’t carry a heavy bag of diapers & wipes. You can carry as much as needed during travelling and buy them when you need.
Do not choose a reusable nappy; you will not be having enough time to wash off and dry it. May even lead to infections for your little one.
Carry play mat and keep toys minimum.

3. Holiday spot

Choose your holiday spots like a beach near the resort, a garden & play park, water boating & mild sporting activities for your little one. Avoid travelling to hilly areas, heavy water sports, and avoid extremely hot or cold climates which are not friendly to your tot.

4. Food Essentials

Pay attention to baby’s feed. Make sure you carry a small pack of baby food in your purse. And also spill free flask.
If your baby is on breastfeed, don’t hesitate to feed her in public. Carry nursing covers which provides full coverage for discreet nursing and also helps you prevent your little one from getting distracted in public places. A must have for all new mommies! Feel confident and covered while nursing your baby. It is a handy accessory.

Be organised and have a happy holiday!!

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