Important Lessons in Life, As a Daughter and a Mom

Important Lessons in Life, As a Daughter and a Mom

Nowadays relationships have many consequences due to misunderstandings, egoism and many other things. I used to hear the words from my mom, that when I become a mom, I will understand the life that will teach me the characters I want to play. In this short span of life, our roles are versatile. But our role of responsibility in raising a child is very important. Because,
what we give,
is how he/she behaves.
Show them from the very first day
the importance of relationship joy;
keep them in the family together,
and they will remember our care forever.
Raise him right,
he wont fight;
praise him for the good,
guide him through the bad.
He will be as strong as a ton of rod.
Tell him the importance of respect,
he will be a good prospect.
Some memories to share
in this story,
it will be noteworthy.

I want to share a story of my life till now as a gist, which has many lessons.
First learning: during childhood and adulthood.
Earned good friends who are still in touch. I used to share them the easy tricks to study, they got steady, made me too ready to be not greedy, which makes me happy, still happier with their lovable words.

Second learning: save with what you have, you will have a happy life for long.
Saving is a great habit to be developed from childhood, to show the importance of our hard work turning into reaping of joy prolonged.

Third learning: attention to comments.
Meeting new people is the turning point in our life after marriage, in our workplace, etc, and hearing their comments. But attention to compliments and discouragement will show you a learning path to learn. Accept the comments, rejoice in them later, share them as a memory, and note it in your life’s diary.

Fourth learning: enjoy the struggles.
Teach kids to face struggles and show them why we should face them independently. If our decision are correct and we are perfect, automatically we will get respect.

Final learning: get satisfaction.
Don’t make comparison. In all day-to-day activities, be genuine. Set some guidelines. Avoid loneliness. Be in a group. Create your own troop. You will have all kinds of people who will correct you, teach you, and many miracles can also happen.

So let me conclude with this: every learning is an experience. It speaks out, if you are there.

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