The Importance of Having a Second Child and a Sibling!

As a new age mom of a 1.5 year old boy, I was sceptical about having a second child. These are the thoughts that cross our minds all the time, which are not wrong:
What about my career?
What about our alone time together as a couple?
What about my ME time?
Who has the time and energy, I already have my hands full!

But one day, the accident happened, and I wasn’t prepared! I did consult my gynaecologist for an abortion, as I felt my little one was too young, and also because in 6 months, my sibling was getting married.

I thank God now for the wise words from my doctor. She said I will be able to do everything normally, and I shouldn’t worry! She also said that she’ll let me travel for the wedding, I can wear a lehenga, and will even be able to give my dance performance (these were the excuses I was giving her earlier!).

In 6 months, I did all of this at the wedding, and now I am blessed with a baby girl! When I see my kids together now, I count my blessings twice. I wish that they share the same bond of love, affection, fights, and respect that I share with my sibling.

This post of mine is for all those moms who are waiting to plan a second child and are not “prepared” yet. A big shout out to you! But, we can never be prepared, so go ahead and take this next step in life right away!

This post is also for those who feel that they don’t want another child. Believe me, when I talk to most new age parents who have only one child aged 10 years or more, they say that they had planned for a second child, but now it’s too late!

So, to each his own, but I hope that by putting these thoughts out there, I might be able to clear the thoughts and dilemmas of many, many, many moms just like me!!
Sending my love to you all!

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