The Journey Every Parent Makes From Just Two Individuals to Two Parents

The Journey Every Parent Makes From Just Two Individuals to Two Parents

It was an ordinary day, just like the previous day. She got up, had her breakfast, her shower and got ready for work. She settled in her chair and started her daily office work. She was working from home today as she had been feeling uneasy since the past few days.

She was attending a status meeting when suddenly she had a numbing pain. Sandhya went to the bathroom and to her horror and joy she realised she had to visit the hospital. NOW! A call was made to her husband and soon Aviral was there to make this journey with her to the hospital.

They lived just five minutes away from the hospital, so she couldn’t even get overwhelmed with her anxiety and thoughts running through her mind. She was calm and blank. She was rushed in and then began the arduous journey to her motherhood. She cried in labour pain for hours and when her daughter was given in her arms by the doctor, she just forgot everything else. She was speechless with the miracle of nature and God. She thanked God for that beautiful creature which rested in her arms and looked at her with sheer innocence unknowing of anything in the world. Aviral was scared to hold his daughter, so he extended his finger and she just grabbed it and held it ever so tightly. He might have cried with the joy of being a father. He could hardly contain his emotions and made calls to his parents and dear ones informing them of the arrival of their sweet little angel.

It was a wonderful journey from being two individuals to being two parents in a matter of hours. They knew about their destination from nine months now but until they actually arrived there they couldn’t even have imagined how life-changing it would be. It was a journey worthy of all pain and emotions they went through. A journey to parenthood.

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